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SFxT : Futile vs. Vicious

Street Fighter X Tekken (2013) Futile vs. Vicious Futile has been playing forever with roots in the original Smash Bros. He travels to Cross Counter studios to represent Arizona in the Cross Counter qualifiers. Vicious, a man who hasn’t been able to play competitively because of a busy life now finds himself a couple of more »

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UMvC3 : BT | Clockw0rk vs. Dr. Baba Ganoush

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 BT | Clockw0rk vs. Dr. Baba Ganoush “I’ll be honest, If I can get through Clockw0rk, it will be a huge relief. It’s going to be tough. I have never beaten him in a tournament situation. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m going to study and more »

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SFxT : EG Floe vs. Koryuu

Street Fighter X Tekken (2013) EG | Floe vs. Koryuu “I want to go to da beach really bad.” Floe has always been one of the stronger competitors in the community, but we haven’t seen him this fired up and beasting on everyone left and right the way he did during the past weeks’ VxG more »

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UMvC3 : Genesis vs. Manic

Genesis (Nova/Trish/Amaterasu) and Manic (C.Viper/Vergil/Strider) go head-to-head in this Losers Final match up for UMvC3. Commentary: Tasty Steve and Rynge

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The Video X Games Qualifiers – Week 2 (#308)

Seriously! Let’s go to da beach! Cross Counter LIVE continues with PART 2 of the Video X Games qualifiers. This is your last chance to enter the Cross Counter VxG qualifers, where the top 4 players from SFxT and UMvC3 will be put into an 8-man bracket alongside last week’s top 4! The tournament is more »

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