Big Brother Season 17 Week 1 Eviction

As we approach the first live eviction on Big Brother season 17, I sat down exclusively with Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly.

Ryan: “Rachel you are the “queen” of showmances, however in 2015 do you think that a showman can help or hurt your game?”
Rachel: “I think a showmance would help your game in big brother 17 however keep it simple not to much PDA not to much exclusive time… use your alliances to work together and keep eyes out for each other rather then just separating from the group! Every season has dif people so you have to feel the house out when your in a showmance!”
Ryan: “Who out of the cast of season 17 do you see getting in a showmance?”
Rachel: “I think shelli and clay could get show-mantic but I don’t think they will have a full out showmance– I was hoping for clay and Becky but looks like it’s not happening — it’s early so I can’t tell if people have feelings for each other or if they are just buds but Liz/ Julia (Juliza) could easily get into a showmance or just get showmantic by the end of the summer .”
Ryan: “Thanks for insight this week Rachel and we wish you husband Brendon a Happy Birthday!”
Ryan Allen Carrillo

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