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If you’re like me, you probably don’t use the word “bloodlust” in too many scenarios other than Arrow but just so where all on the same page; bloodlust is “the uncontrollable desire to kill or maim others”. Intense. In Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 we will get to see Thea Queen’s bloodlust return after a short more »

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Sara’s Destiny- Is It Too Late?

“Beyond Redemption” saw more than one character who may be past the point of no return, but the most obvious qualifier is Sara Lance. She spent most of the episode tied to a post in Laurel’s basement, grunting and snapping certainly being uncomfortable in the leather corset that she’d died in a year ago. Without more »

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Double Down

In this week’s episode of “Arrow” we have the pleasure (or not) of meeting “Double Down” (played by J.R. Bourne of “Teen Wolf”). In the comics, Double Down is a villain that usually battles The Flash, not Oliver Queen. He is a gambler that gained his powers from a cursed deck of cards that came more »

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