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James Bamford Spills the Secrets of Arrow’s Fight Scenes

The Season 4 finale of Arrow, “Schism,” featured one of the largest pitched battles in the history of the show. As Damien Darhk and his HIVE ghosts made their final move, Green Arrow was able to rally the citizens of Star City to rise up against them, leading to what Adam Kruger of the Arrow more »

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Did The Flash Just Go Full Flashpoint?

When any form of pop culture starts messing with time travel, it’s always a slippery slope. Unless the rules of time travel in your TV show, book or movie establish right away that messing with the past has no appreciable effect on the future — which is a rare approach — tinkering with events that more »

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The Flash pulls the rug out from more optimistic Barry

In this week’s episode of The Flash, it was like a new Barry Allen had emerged after his close encounter of the semi-spiritual kind where we was transported to — and had a conversation with — the Speed Force. As The Flash After Show host Adam Kruger said, he was “walking on sunshine” (not exactly more »

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The Flash: The Speed Force is Everything

Anyone who guessed that Barry Allen was sucked into the Speed Force during the disastrous attempt to recreate the accident that gave him super-speed in “Rupture,” please give yourself a pat on the back. It’s safe to say that anyone who is a fan of the Flash as a character is already familiar with the more »

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Arrow Presents: The Worst Vacation Ever

Arrow Season 4 episode 20

Some crazy stuff was going down on this week’s new episode of Arrow. When Oliver Queen getting magic lessons and John Diggle’s wife Lyla rolling around in a heavily armored bunker on the back of a semi aren’t even the biggest “WTH?” moments of the night, you know some serious stuff is going down. The more »

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‘Rupture’ Leaves so Many Questions on The Flash

The Flash Season 2 episode 20

Now that’s more like it! After the loss of Barry Allen’s powers left the hosts on The Flash After Show bummed last week, they cheered up big time for “Rupture” even though that particular subplot didn’t get resolved, and in fact, may have even gotten worse. Confused? You aren’t if you watched the episode, but more »

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Looking into the Crystal Ball for Wally and Jesse on The Flash

Episode 19 of Season 2 of The Flash had The Flash After Show crew feeling a little grumpy. Jack Hind said the show could only get better, Devon Stewart said he felt like he didn’t even know the “speedless man” in this week’s episode, and Carolina Bonetti called the scene where Barry Allen had to more »

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Who’s Zoomin’ Who on The Flash?

(With all due respect to the great Aretha Franklin!) We’ve been waiting all season for answers about Zoom on Season 2 of The Flash, and we finally got some in this week’s new episode, “Versus Zoom.” As The Flash After Show host Adam Kruger so distinctly put it,”This dude is one messed up dude.” Complete with a more »

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Arrow: A Terrific Reveal

Just about everyone who enters into the orbit of Oliver Queen on a regular basis on Arrow and lives ends up as a superhero. Ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance? She’s Black Canary. Sister Thea? We know her better as Speedy now. Even John Diggle, who’s probably the last person in the Arrowverse to want to be called more »

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Finding the Formula on The Flash

If there’s been a constant theme for the season and two-thirds that we’ve seen of The Flash thus far, it’s that Barry Allen knows he has to get faster. Despite being able to run at sufficient speed to break the sound barrier and travel through time, he’s still found himself overmatched when it comes to more »

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Arrow: Courtroom Drama

Almost every superhero has a day job. The crew on Arrow has had a wide variety, including Felicity Smoak serving as CEO of Palmer Technologies and Thea Queen once running her own nightclub. Laurel Lance has perhaps the most important career of the whole bunch, seeing as she’s a district attorney in an obviously crime-ridden more »

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