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TVD Theories!

  So much going on in Mystic Falls, per usual, and so much of it is UNKNOWN. I’ve seen some amazing fan theories this week! Anything from the return of Tyler to the true status of #Bamon. Take a look at what TVD superfans are saying. Mental Delusion ‏@OFSProductions  – #TVDAS what if its Sarah Salvatore after them? more »

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Ian Somerhalder In His Birthday Suit… Yup Totes Naked!

  As if we weren’t eager enough for the Season 7 premiere of Vampire Diaries on Thursday (October 8th) I’m about to drop a major hotness bombshell! Are you ready for it!? Ian Somerhalder just shared a new teaser clip on his Instagram and yup…. he’s naked. Ok, ok before you get too excited we don’t more »

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