Are These the “Comedy Legends” of Tomorrow?

Legends_Of_Tomorrow_Poster_2_Header“Night of the Hawk” is probably one of the funniest episodes coming from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Every character’s humor was on point in this episode. Our equally hilarious After Show hosts — Jack Hind, Tatiana Mariesa, and Rory Ross — also unanimously agree that the latest installment of this series took a big jump in terms of comedy. So what parts did we particularly love? Read on to find out …

The 50s Were a Wondrous Time … If You Were White, Male, and Straight!

Legends_Of_Tomorrow_Night_Of_The_Hawk_Jax_Sara_Martin_DinerYep, Martin Stein started to reminisce about this “idyllic” era to both Jax and Sara — although both of them didn’t see it that way. As Martin continued in his fawning over the 1950s, Jax interjected with “if you were white”, and Sara appropriately finished it with “and a man … and straight.” Martin quickly and awkwardly recovered with an “okay, okay, I get the point.” A testament to Victor Garber’s perfect timing, his delivery of that line had me in stitches. It was the awkwardness of realizing that he had a very subjective recall — which is embarrassing since he’s a scientist who’s supposed to be objective. The comedy doesn’t just end there. Jax talking about how “creepy” this town made him feel had him recalling old horror movies he watched with his mother. Sara’s sarcastic “ooh” response was perfect. Perhaps Martin’s most humorous response was the one to Jax’s criticism of the good professor’s formal speech. Forget Laurel and Hardy, we have Stein, Jackson, and Lance.

Since we touched upon Jax talking about old horror movies, Rory made a good point that this whole episode was an homage to the classic black-and-white cult films — which had your greasers, girls in poodle skirts, and monsters that attacked people at night. Another astute observation he made was that this episode also paid tribute to the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer — teenagers and monsters, with adults acting creepy.

Dynamic Duos

Our Legends team was again split into various groups in this episode: Sara and Martin, Ray and Kendra, and Rip and Leonard. Let’s start with the Sara/Martin duo. Jack thought the opposite nature of the two characters was comedy gold — and I 100% agree with him on that sentiment. I’ll also agree with another point that both Jack and Tatiana made — Victor Garber is a genius. Acting-wise, he’s hands down my favorite out of all the Legends. The man can hit the serious notes just as equally well as the comedic ones. And this episode allowed him to stretch those talents. The back-and-forth between him and Sara was definitely well-played, especially the part about torturing people for days. But really, is being with Sara for days really torture? Okay, I digress, and I can probably see Tatiana rolling her eyes at me right at this moment.

Legends_Of_Tomorrow_Night_Of_The_Hawk_Kendra_RayAt the risk of angering the #Raydra … er … #Kendray (I should leave the naming up to E!) crowd, I really don’t like the teaming up of Ray and Kendra. Hey, at least I have a comrade in this opinion — Mr. Jack Hind. I don’t know, I’m just not a big fan of romantic storylines that develop in a series. It just seems too forced to me. However, I did enjoy Kendra’s responses to the close-minded residents in her neighborhood.

Legends_Of_Tomorrow_Night_Of_The_Hawk_Rip_Leonard_FBI_AgentsAnd finally, Rip and Leonard. I found it quite ironic that Leonard had to don the disguise of an FBI agent — being that he’s a criminal himself. And how about that accent on Rip … or lack thereof? I have to give my props to Arthur Darvill. I’m a native American-English speaker and I couldn’t even tell that he was British or faking an American accent. The only hint of strangeness I had was his voice. For some reason, voices sound different in another language or accent. I actually thought it was a different person. So great job, Mr. Darvill!

The Waverider Didn’t Just Abandon Some Team Members

When the Waverider took off abruptly, it didn’t just abandon Ray, Kendra, and Sara … it kind of abandoned the viewers too … well … sort of. Legends of Tomorrow will go on a mini-hiatus for about three weeks and return on March 31, 2016 with the episode “Left Behind.” This gives us plenty of time to do some speculating on what the Legends in 1958 will be doing, and how the Legends on-board the Waverider will defeat Chronos — that pesky bounty hunter. Thanks to the 21st century and instant gratification, The CW has already released a preview of the next episode.

Well, Leonard seems to be taking some things pretty personally — he’s not his usual cold (pun intended) calm self. Ray, with his glasses, looks like another famous DC character in one scene (a reference to Brandon Routh once playing Clark Kent / Superman?). And Sara has perhaps found what’s most comfortable for her — rejoining the League of Assassins, where we get to see the original Ra’s al Ghul again.

What do you think will happen to the team stuck in 1958? How will the team on-board the Waverider fight Chronos? What scenes did you find the most humorous in this episode? Jack, Tatiana, Rory, and I want to hear your thoughts, so sound off in the comments!

You can also read my written recap of “Night of the Hawk” at Bam Smack Pow.


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