Anne Cecere. Associate Director of BMI

Filmnut 208

Guest: Anne Cecere

Crew Position: Associate Director of BMI



Not that I’m a genius in other areas, but tonight’s guest, Anne Cecere was really able to talk about a subject that is important to the filmmaker that I and maybe others do not know too much about.

Early on in the series we had a composer on the show, Kurt Oldman ( and we saw (or I should say heard) how important music is in a film. With Cecere we talked about things like fair use, public domain, what can and can’t be used. Differences between master and sync licenses. What’s a cue sheet? If you’re a filmmaker you need to know what that is and how do it. I offered the one I used for my film Walking The Walk, watch the show and see if I got anything right!

A question I asked Anne after the interview was can join both BMI and ASCAP and the answer is no, you do have to pick one or the other. If you are a member of one and are not satisfied and or would prefer the other, you can drop one and join the other.

How and where are royalties paid and tracked? Who should BMI and when? Key points in an agreement between filmmaker and composer, and much more!

A lot of useful inks were share as well. The artist Moby makes it real easy for indie filmmakers to use his music; his link is first up, but check out the rest as well. (a site for legal help/advie that Cecere recommends for low cost legal advice for artists) here you can find out if a song is public domain or not. (has a search engine that will give you publisher information (for a specific song) and who you need to send request to if you want to use a song.

Cecere says music libraries are great if you don’t have a lot of money and are into one stop shopping. Here are links to three libraries she mentioned during the show.

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Jeff Schubert

PS: Next week’s guest is Mark Kochinski founder of the 48 hour film festival. Also a cgi and visual effects guy:

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