Animation, Star Wars: Ross Shuman

Guest: Ross Shuman

Stop Motion Animator, Model Maker, Artistic Director


Stop motion animation, CGI, cell animation? Tonight we touched on all three with guest Ross Shuman who has worked on projects by Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas (Planet of The Apes, Artificial Intelligence and Star Wars II Attack of The clones). Not too shabby.

In addition, we showed clips and talked about current Cartoon Network shows Ross is working on: Star Wars Robot Chicken and Morel Orel. Two very VERY funny shows. Especially if you are a Star Wars fan. These late night toons are not for the kids (though I would have found a way to watch. They’re certainly not worse than Carrie or The Exorcist. I really wish I didn’t see the Exorcist.)

If you don’t know much about animation and have ever thought about it from the point of view of wanting to be an animator or you’re a writer or producer with a script that you would like animated; this show is a good watch as Shuman is full of information, and there may be more to it then you think.

Oh, a website that Shuman highly recommends you look into is:

This site has message boards and helpful links that you can use to network and learn more about animation. will take you directly to all past Filmnut shows. This is episode number 204.

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Jeff Schubert

Next week: Producer Rep Jeff ‘The Dude’ Dowd. Depending on the rep and need of the project a Producer reps can do a little bit of everything. Help attach talent, money, distribution, (get you the best deal) develop scripts and more. ‘The Dude’ is one of the top there is.

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