Ever wondered what America’s favorite music is? Well, wonder no more!
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Thought you knew America?
Our country is an eclectic blend of personalities and preferences..and that includes the music we’re all listening to.
Here’s your run down coast to coast of what your fellow citizens are jamming out to, brought to by a just released 2015 ranking by busbud.
Of course country topped the list of genres, being the top pick for 13 states including Alabama, Arkansas, Alaska and more.
And close behind was Classic Rock/Oldies with your favorites like the Rolling Stones, the Who and ZZ Top keeping the love alive in New York and 11 other states.
In third place was the sound of Indie music. A somewhat vague catchall category, but nevertheless topped the rankings in 10 different states including Washington, Minnesota, and Iowa.
California was the only state on the map that preferred pop! With Adele marking the state’s favorite artist.
And Hawaii apparently loves R&B and Soul music the most.
Whats YOUR favorite music genre?! And where are you from? Let us know in the comments below so we can see if the stats add up, find us @digitalmusicnws, and subscribe to our channel!

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