Agents Of Sheild : Season 3 Episode 1 Predictions

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Meet the new Agents Of Shield After Show Team. Read on to hear their predictions. Tune in August 29th at 7:15 pm to hear if their predictions reign true. Read on!


Anastasia: I think we will find Simmons is living a separate life. Hiding from shield and dealing with a new set of powers. Depressed and guilt ridden from the judgments she made before on others in her now similar situation. Fitz will still have been looking for her, and when he finds her she will once again push him away out of fear. This making the whole cat and mouse love game begin again. Meanwhile I think that the shield team will be getting an upgrade. Obviously Quake’s got a kick butt new suit, and Coulson is getting another upgrade, as well I’m sure. Over all the team is adjusting to the loses and the changes. Its gonna get heavy.


Bryan: Season 3 is going to start with the team in rough shape. Jemma is still a prisoner of the magic space rock, May will have lost her taste for the secret agent thing again, Bobbi and Hunter are thinking of jumping ship and, Skye has completely lost one family and the other is in trouble and Coulson now has to learn to write with his other hand. This first episode is really going to focus on the toll that saving the world has taken on the team while setting up the two big conflicts of the season: Lash and Ward.


Joi: For episode one, since it appears that the show has a bit of a time jump, I predict that in this episode they will come to discover that Jemma has been lost this whole time while Leo eventually gave up trying to find her and moved on and once she returns he’s going to be off putting and weird, not because she’s probably now an Inhuman but because he thought she was dead! I also think that Phil will get an awesome robotic arm that will be a good place to hide S.H.I.E.L.D secrets.  As far as Daisy goes… she will now be in replace to May and be the one to help bring in the Inhumans… that last prediction maybe a bit obvious from the trailer but, I’m predicting it anyways!

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