Sexy Pool Party’s Mariel Booth on Commercial Break

Rebecca and Mike get the shakes out when they kick off their first episode of a much anticipated fourth season of Commercial Break with popular commercial star and “State Farm’s State of Disbelief” actress Mariel Booth. You don’t want to miss this beauty who has been viewed on youtube over 9 million times in a sketch called “Sexy Pool Party”. We learn from her famous commercial character that “you can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true!” Come watch Mariel meet her “French model” boyfriend on the streets of New York and learn about State Farm has all those apps.

Mike and Rebecca go crazy for “IRobot’s Roomba” vacuum and try to decide if break dancing is a requirement to own one or is the NSA using one to spy on Commercial Break? A young Brad Pitt makes a rare appearance on Commercial Break with a can of “Pringles” and he gives everyone the fever for the flavor of the Pringle. We quickly learn that “New Balance” sneakers are way better than all the others and if you don’t wear them in the park nobody will hit on you so you better get a pair.

Did you know that on Commercial Break if you put two comedian writers and a supermodel together you will create “Castle” TV Star Nathan Fillion? If you watch this episode you will get to see Nathan Fillion’s backyard and pool and the beautiful and hilarious Mariel Booth in a bikini playing her character role as a dog in “Sexy Pool Party”. Mariel Booth updates us about her upcoming “Head and Shoulders”commercial with baseball star C.J. Wilson of the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”.

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