A Different Kind of Filmnut with James Gunn

Filmnut 311

Guest: James Gunn

Crew Position: Writer/Director/Actor

Current Projects: PG Porn, Humanzee, Scream Queens, Terra Naomi.

Past Projects: Slither, Scooby Doo, Dawn of The Dead, The Specials, Tromio and Juliet


Okay so normally, Filmnut, the show about filmmaking attempts to be more film education then entertainment, but celebrating our two year anniversary with our first repeat guest James Gunn, working on a satirical web series PG Porn? Yeah, we had a lot of fun in this episode…

First and foremost if you have not seen it (porn stars yes, nudity or sex? NONE! Lots of laughs? You bet!) go right now to http://www.spike.com/pgporn and watch! They’re all great and not long. Roadside ASS-Sistance is my favorite.

We did talk about how the project came together creatively, how Gunn got the deal at Spike and new media opportunities for the filmmaker or content provider.

For the first time, in addition to instant messages, we also had viewers post video questions for Gunn, something we will be doing more of in the future. The highlight here was I was able to get in touch with Belladonna, a star in three of the episodes of PG Porn, and get her to surprise Gunn with a video question. Let me tell you, Gunn was definitely surprised and Belladonna asked a great question and yes I’m going to make you watch the episode to find out!

Gunn has other projects we covered, like the reality show he was a judge on, VH-1’s Scream Queens, Humanzee, and Terra Naomi. But the best way to keep up with all things James Gunn is to subscribe to his blog on myspace above.

Gunns blogs are usually pretty bleeping funny and a great way to keep up with his work and get access to behind the scenes footage, interviews and photos.

And a special thanks to Just Linda and JGAS for support of the show!

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http://www.thestream.tv/filmnut The episode with James Gunn is number #311 (the original episode with James is #201.

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Jeff Schubert
Host/Co-executive producer

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